Kaip pateikti mokslą visuomenei

Posted on 2010-01-07

Peter Kareiva apžvelgia dvi knygas, kurios nagrinėja mokslininkų nesusikalbėjimą su visuomene. Kaip tai daryti efektyviau? Vieno iš autorių, Randy Olson, nuomonė:

Olson recommends that researchers experiment with new approaches, take risks, develop their own voices, and above all recognize the power of storytelling. Whereas social scientists, linguists, and political scientists might advise us how to better frame the issues, these “ists“ are not where Olson turns for inspiration. His book is a plea for indulging one’s artistic nature in pursuit of more heartfelt connections to the public. That message will make many scientists squirm, especially those who take refuge in the caricature of science as objective, fact-based, and free from personal values. If scientists were seen as adventurers and explorers instead of as fact-mongers and talking encyclopedias, people might stay awake long enough to learn their science lessons.

iš Randy Olson: If Our Messages Are To Be Heard | Sciencemag.org

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