Idėjų debesėlis ištwiteriuoja

Posted on 2011-04-17

Paskutiniu metu lydi nušvitimai technologijose. Po metų mąstymo netikėtai perpratau iPad:

In 1967, American consumers were introduced to the new, must have item for their kitchens: the microwave oven. Looking just at the specs, a microwave didn’t make sense to many. Surely it won’t work quite like an oven, or quite like a stove. It’s like something in the middle. How could we need that?

And then customers bought them, took them home, and something special happened. The microwave didn’t have to be a regular oven or stove; it was a wholely new category of cooking device that made cooking accessible to even the least talented guy on earth.

Ask anyone who is not a nerd or a computer hobbyist and they will tell you that they hate them with the same passion they love their iPhones and iPads. The answer is (…) that anyone [is] able to grab it, and start playing with it right away, without any training whatsoever. They realized that reading eBooks or browsing the internet from their couch was nice on a tablet. They found things they would have never thought to do on a computer were fun and simple. [An iPad is] a good way to consume content, like web pages, books and Netflix movies. (…) [N]ow instead of waiting for your computer to boot, you can read the news, type a short document, and get on with your day all in the time your aging desktop takes to boot.

We are witnessing the beginning of a new computing era, after the punch cards, the mainframe, the command line PC and the mouse with its graphical user interface.

kompiliacija iš Jesus Diaz. Why Photoshop for iPad Marks the End of the Desktop Computing Era | GizmodoJesus Diaz. The Apple Tablet Interface Must Be Like This | Gizmodo ir Matthew Guay. iPad: The Microwave Oven of Computing | Techinch, kaip Kevin Kelly networked books iliustracija (dar vienas mano nušvitimas)

O šį rytą pabudau suvokęs, kam reikalingas Twitteris. Penkeri metai, bet suvokiau. Twitteris yra išskirtinai kūrėjų įrankis — žmonių, kurie daro ką nors toliau savo nosies: kuria menus, dėsto, organizuoja, mąsto. Jiems Twitteris yra real-time būdas pasiekti toliau savo nosies, tiksliau, pasiekti savo žiūrovą.

Tai, ką vos prieš savaitę pradėjau kaip Idėjų debesėlį, ir yra Twitterio formatas, tik įgyvendintas gremėzdiškai, brute-force apeinant apribojimus. Tos pačios mažos idėjos iš didelio pasaulio — tik įkalintos WordPress, be real-time galimybės pasiekti savo žiūrovą. Štai ką suvokiau šį rytą.

Todėl Idėjų debesėlis išsikelia į @qbilius. (Ir, žinoma, viskas automatiškai keliaus į ir Facebooką.)

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